About Gibbs

With core production values remaining strong and traditional fabrication becoming so very diverse, we at Gibbs decided to enhance the products and services we can produce for the customer by taking our substantial skills base forward into the new market of renewable energy, predominantly the Wind Turbine Service Industry both onshore and offshore.

Our focus on the fledgling UK Wind Industry has provided new opportunities for Gibbs to diversify and introduce new services into its portfolio for our customers who require us to be innovative and leading edge in these areas.

We appreciate and respect the challenges faced by our customers in developing relationships with qualified and reliable service providers who will go the extra mile.

We have had to face the commercial challenges of operating projects in the unforgiving wind turbine environments where the welfare of the teams that work on these projects is paramount.

We have had to adapt and up skill our workforce to meet the requirements of the renewable industry and more importantly the needs of our customers. Working hand in hand with national training facilities to gain the knowledge to keep pushing the boundaries in what we can do.

We are now in a position of strength in terms of experience, technology, equipment and the necessary skills to take on new challenges and grow in the wind turbine industry.

We have combined the existing services we offer to complement our new objectives in expanding nationally and internationally. We have the track record and the credibility to give new potential customers the confidence to choose us as their preferred supplier of renewable services going forwards.

Location of Gibbs at Mostyn Docks
This picture shows the Port of Mostyn on the North Wales coast where Gibbs are located on site with our unit in the bottom left location as indicated. The port is base locations for the wind farms North Hoyle, Rhyl Flats and Gwynt Y Mor.