Progression of a Platform

Glyndwr University came to us with an idea and a vision shared by the football club and its disabled supporters. They asked us to design and build a viewing platform solution at the ground which would allow the people to be sheltered from the elements and enhance the viewing spectacle for all who used it.
It was also to be in line with upcoming legislation regarding disabled supporter’s rights to be able to watch and enjoy the match day experience the same way normal bodied people can.

“The viewing platform is brilliant and has improved the fans match enjoyment greatly”
Steve Gilbert
Chair of Wrexham Disabled Supporters Association

The New Viewing Area

We then created the platform, and after some discussions, in which the club donated an executive box to be attached to the platform for disabled supporters use as well, it was situated in the Mold Road Stand top left side. All of this was planned during the season, the platform itself was built at our workshop and stored until the season end. We then removed the immediate rows, replaced with newly laid foundations in the stand back in where required and built up the bottom to enclose the underside. The frame was already finished when we reassembled and fitted onsite, placing a heavy plated flooring to ensure lifespan for the platform.

“It was great to be able to undertake a community project such as this one; and to see the enjoyment on the fans faces on opening day made it even better”
Nick Gibbs
Managing Director of Gibbs (Steel Fabricators)

Since the platform was installed in 2015 it has received many endorsements due to its unique nature and position in today’s football stadia. It answers definitively the
question of whether the club is driven by fan safety and enjoyment against the need for extended revenues from more corporate and higher charged seats.

Lord Faulkner and Baroness Tanni-Grey Thompson are but two whom have given high praise for the work done by Wrexham’s disabled association in making this a reality for all concerned. Gibbs is extremely proud and honoured to have had the opportunity to be involved in this project from the start.

Going forwards, Gibbs would like to be able to provide a bespoke viewing area/platform at your ground. Starting at the planning stage, we would advise on positions, materials and designs with your input being the most important as it must be you who takes ownership of the platform once completed. To help with the cost of the platform, Gibbs would like to suggest that if a platform is agreed upon for manufacture and installation, i.e. ordered between the months of September and January then Gibbs will provide your platform at a reduced cost and store completed platform until the summer when it can be installed buy our experts.

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